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Privacy is an unwritten right, make sure that your Security starts to be a priority. Your Smartphone it’s a well designed trap, that ask you to agree to terms and conditions every day, giving away your privacy, most of all without your knowledge. Our Privacy Black Device havs the best silent technology in order to protect your Mobile phonecalls, chats and Datas. Our encrypted system is studied to keep private all your informations to all those who want to tap your privacy. Privacy Black Software has been verified by the highest level technology and encryption experts, all over the world.


• BLACK servers are located in 33 different nations and their number grows daily, following the growth of our mobile traffic and the request of our services.
• The possibility of disposing of such infrastructure developed on so many networks is the best protection from an arrest caused by DDoS attack, or similar.

Technology, encryption and security

“Black is a dark spot in a world where everything is under the light”


“Black is a dark spot in a world where everything is under the light”

Black to Black

Calling another black user is the most secure silent mobile call, the call is encrypted by the caller and decrypted by the receiver, making the call MiTM free. Security level 100%

Black to Out

Calling a regular non silent smartphone, will let you call from a random country of the world with a random phone number. Calling that number back by the receiver after the connection drops, will be impossible. Security level 100% (do not reveal personal information and your identity will be unknown by everyone except for the known call receiver).


Does not record any data. The BLACK system encrypts the contents of the conversations in total security leaving no traces, nor the possibility to record any data.

Privacy Black

We care about your total privacy

  • An Idea is Born

    Black was born to preserve the privacy in business communications. The right combination of cost and confidentiality of data.

  • Why Privacy Black?

    every single day, each of us is subjected to a constant privacy violation. Our question was: How can we communicate with anyone feeling secure and free to avoid hidden listeners?

  • A 100% Secure Service

    The only solution is our private system for remote encryption of both talk and chat, using a secure, reliable and low cost private VoIp service.

  • July 2014

    Phase Two: Expansion

    Privacy Black, from confidential and encrypted communication service of our own Company, did became a 100% secure product to be use on everyday basis to talk with people, make business and finally feel to have our privacy back.

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