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Finally it will be possible to install the Privacy Black App on your personal mobile, either IOS (Version 8+) or Android 4x, for your confidential calls and chat.

Privacy Black App allow you to make encrypted VoIp calls and encrypted chat. The App uses the TLS protocol to encrypt the communication signals (caller id /called id, for example), and the SRTP protocol and Session Key to encrypt the audio communication. So, Privacy Black App enable you to make 100% secure mobile voice calls and chat that cannot be intercepted. It provide an high voice quality without delay even when it is used on mobile networks 3g/4g or Umts. PrivacyBlack works on every wifi, mobile 3g/4g, Ssatellite networks and everywhere there is an internet connection. The application is ready to be used just after the download from our secure link without any configuration or registration of personal data. To make 100% encrypted calls and chats, both parties should use Privacy Black App, but as the Privacy Black Device, it is possible to can make improved privacy calls also to traditional phone numbers.

BLack Token

When you need to generate a new simmetric session key...

Each call and chat are encrypted with a maximum level hybrid encryption method, symmetric session key and asymmetric RSA keys: both public and private.